Implementing Axway Business Network

October 18, 2023

Migrate to a modern EDI VAN for greater agility

Read this guide to see how fast and easy it is to migrate to Axway Business Network, a modern EDI VAN that lets you choose either point-to-point EDI or VAN connection for each partner. Axway Business Network on the Axway B2B integration platform gives you:

  • Greater agility with your choice of point-to-point EDI, API, or VAN connections to your partners
  • Reduced costs with freedom from managing complex partner and VAN information
  • Fast, simple partner onboarding with preconnected access to thousands of partners and hundreds of VANs
  • API connectivity to SaaS, ERP, and other modern cloud applications
  • Streamlined operations with monitoring and tracking of partners from a single point of management
  • Complete security by meeting standards like ITIL, SOC, ISO9000, IS027001, EU Directive 95/42/EC, GDPR, and HIPAA

Ready to capture all the benefits of a modern EDI VAN?

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Axway VAN demo: Why the modern way is the right way
Axway VAN demo: Why the modern way is the right way

Experience the efficiency and ease of use that Axway’s modern VAN solution offers.