Data governance in action: Axway's leadership on privacy and security

June 3, 2024

A proudly independent software publisher with European roots, Axway provides a robust set of solutions to mitigate international data storage and processing concerns. Axway's autonomy and extensive global data security experience empower our customers to successfully navigate regulatory and geopolitical implications, adherence to GDPR, DORA, and NIS2 data sovereignty challenges, as well as security, privacy, and supplier dependency issues. 

The main tenets of Axway's data governance approach involve thoughtful, customizable, and proactive practices in data retention, redaction, access, and storage across physical, virtual, and regional boundaries. 

For our Public SaaS offerings, we designate specific data privacy regions to ensure that your sensitive corporate data remains confined within our established regional limits. For companies with more stringent requirements that necessitate hosting in a particular country or location, we offer Private SaaS across a global network of AWS or Azure data centers. This ensures that sensitive corporate data is retained within the parameters of your dedicated single-tenant deployment. 

When operating within the European Union or handling the data of EU citizens, using an established and vetted EU-based provider is cricial for ensuring compliance with the world's most stringent and encompassing technical, operational, and legal measures. For companies operating outside EU boundaries, not only does EU compliance open potential new markets, but Europe's dedication to comprehensive data regulations builds customer confidence and trust that companies take issues of data security and governance seriously. Axway is equipped to facilitate the implementation of sovereign cloud services through strategic partnerships, delivering customer-managed solutions certified under data sovereignty regulations such as SecNumCloud. As we progress, Axway is committed to the continuous enhancement and expansion of our cloud services, introducing a broader spectrum of products that align with data sovereignty demands. 

Axway's Public and Private SaaS and partnership offerings provide resilient data governance in alignment with your architectural needs and address continuously evolving security complexities that can impact the reliability and security of your cloud services.

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