Demo: Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

October 17, 2023 William McKinney

In this 30-minute demo, you'll learn:

  • How the API marketplace communicates with your different gateways

  • What producers and consumers want to see in an API marketplace

  • How Amplify Enterprise Marketplace fits into the larger infrastructure

  • The various ways you can customize and brand the API marketplace

  • The look and feel of the API marketplace through a demo

Here's a 2-minute preview:

“We want the marketplace to be one place to find all your assets and visualize them and understand how they’re being used, regardless of the API gateway they’re running on.”
- Vincent Belfoure, Senior Solution Architect at Axway

About Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

An API marketplace is a storefront for your digital assets. For front-of-house operations to be successful, the back-of-house operations must also run smoothly. Providers need to have control and flexibility, allowing you to create a rich consumer experience with an API portal that drives API consumption.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace caters to API producers and consumers alike. 

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is a SaaS component. It sits in the Axway cloud and talks with your infrastructure. By connecting to your gateway, Amplify Enterprise Marketplace can discover and learn about all the APIs in your system. It also creates visibility for APIs. The APIs are not only marketed well through the platform but they are also easy to consume.

8 ways to create an API marketplace that caters to the right people [CHECKLIST]

A highly customizable solution, Amplify Enterprise Marketplace allows you to choose the colors, logos, landing pages, and CTAs, as well as the presentation of your APIs. The end result is a branded, consistent user experience. Learn more about how to make Axway Enterprise Marketplace your own.

API providers can group discovered APIs into similar categories to create assets. You can also set access rights, making the API marketplace open, requiring log-ins, or basing access on individual roles. Over time, you can track the performance of individual APIs. These insights help to uncover new business opportunities and identify room for improvement.

Consumers, meanwhile, can find and understand APIs faster. They can see pricing plans around APIs as well as view API performance and health before they decide to invest. The API marketplace also makes it easy to subscribe to APIs and get the API keys required to start testing the API endpoints.

Is Amplify Enterprise Marketplace the right solution for your business?

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About the Author

William McKinney

William McKinney is the Senior Director, Platform Marketing. William is an experienced marketing executive responsible for creating data-driven marketing programs and positioning Axway's Amplify Platform in an intensely competitive environment. In this role, he helps enterprises clarify their API challenges, bridge the gap between IT and business, and design innovative digital experiences – for their own teams as well as their customers. Specializing in B2B solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, William’s previous experience includes delivering results for IBM, HP, and JD Edwards. He enjoys simplifying the complex in a way that helps leaders turn ideas into action with measurable results. William loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, and camping. A graduate of Baylor University, he lives in Littleton, Colorado.

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