Future-enable your financial IT architecture for long-term business growth

May 31, 2022

Future-enable your financial IT architecture for long-term business growth

Finance departments measure the success of their activities in terms of data and account accuracy, as well as their ability to meet regulatory requirements. But as business missions evolve, so does the department’s role in the enterprise. Today, busy finance teams must also focus on building trusting relationships within the business by providing dependable financial advice that enables all stakeholders to make better decisions, sustain margin expansion, and grow the company.

This transformation requires a finance IT system capable of meeting new challenges and supporting continual improvement in three key areas:

  • Operational excellence. Automating and streamlining processes for exchanging data between various components of the finance IT architecture and ecosystem to reduce costs.
  • Business agility. Meeting evolving business and regulatory requirements through agnostic, scalable, self-service and no-code IT technologies that are API-first and cloud-ready.
  • Data reliability. Improving data quality and traceability with actionable audit trails, reject management, and reconciliation tools for account accuracy and objective decision-making.

Finance meets business: Axway Financial Accounting Hub

Axway Financial Accounting Hub empowers your organization to react faster to new regulations, software and business model changes, geographies, and business entities. You can accelerate closing and reduce costs with automation and greater data quality. Document everything and feed to any report or dashboard with no delay or errors to build trust within the company and comply with regulations and standards.

  • Integrate with any source and target application
  • Centrally manage the complete lifecycle of your accounting schemas, rules, master data
  • Safely and automatically manage and recycle exceptions
  • Control manual and adjusting journal entries
  • Insure automatic reconciliation
  • Expose trusted data and audit trails
  • Monitor the end-to-end accounting flow process

A rules engine built for the future of accounting

Axway Financial Accounting Hub integrates with any source and target systems, handles any accounting standards and rules, and runs on-premises, on any cloud or a hybrid of both with complete reversibility.

The platform’s high-performance Rule Engine can process millions of business events per minute. It quickly transforms every business transaction and event generated by your business applications into the appropriate accounting postings in the general ledger and other financial systems — including multi-GAAP general ledgers (local and others), compliance-enabled reporting systems (IFRS, sub ledgers, etc.), and financial risk reporting and monitoring systems.

Download the solution brief to learn more.

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