5 ways to safeguard mission-critical PKIs

Validate digital certificates, rapidly and reliably

Certificate validation is a crititcal part of digital security for government agencies and enterprises of all kinds, but it too often becomes a bottleneck that lowers productivity. Follow these five steps to transform your PKI operations by validating digital certificates, rapidly and reliably, with a secure and flexible digital foundation. 

01 Think globally, but act locally

Reliance on traditional PKI validation at the remote certificate authority creates operational delays, reliability uncertanties, and even network congestion. Move forward with a solution offering instant validation with robust local OCSP and SCVP Responder, Repeater, and client functionalities. 

02 Don't settle for less than High Availability

Your high-stakes mission can't risk failed or delayed PKI operations or compliance violations. The right software supports High Availability across wide areas, fault tolerance features like automatic failover, and everything you need to achieve near-zero downtime.

03 Stay open and flexible

To move forward, you need to integrate PKI operations with diverse systems used internally and by your constituents. Look for a one-stop-shop technology partner for seamless integration with multiple certificate use cases, support for various protocols (e.g., OCSP, SCVP, LDAP, CRL, and others), and protection for your existing investments.

04 Integrate programmatically within your environment

API interfaces enable you to integrate your applications and tools with OCSP/SCVP infrastructure. Use APIs to issue commands programmatically to (and/or obtain data from) validation authority servers.

05 Give the admins what they want

If your PKI system is too hard or frustrating to manage, you risk discouraging admins and draining their productivity. An effective software solution will have an intuitive admin interface for ease of administration, as well as adjustable process logging settings (from basic info to detailed debugging data), thereby speeding and simplifying admin configuration and debugging tasks.

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Safeguard mission-critical PKIs with Axway Validation Authority
Safeguard mission-critical PKIs with Axway Validation Authority

Axway Validation Authority validates digital certificates rapidly and reliably