6 awesome things you can do with Axway eInvoicing

Countries around the world are mandating e-invoicing to meet new regulations. But even in places where e-invoicing isn’t required by law, businesses have opportunities for massive efficiency improvements and cost reductions by digitalizing their invoicing processes with Axway eInvoicing. Here are the top 6.

01 Meet evolving national and legal mandates. Companies need agility to support worldwide B2G (Business-to-Government) and B2B invoicing initiatives including PEPPOL, CTC (Continuous Transaction Control) in Europe, VAT reform in France with PPF and PDP deployments, the emerging BPC in the USA, and others. Axway eInvoicing enables you to maintain compliance and avoid penalties by letting you handle e-invoicing in a way that's global, standards-driven, and always up-to-date, whatever the country.

02 Eliminate vendor and portal sprawl. Many supplier companies need to support multiple, buyer-specific processes and portals, resulting in vendor sprawl that's time-consuming, costly, and a nightmare to manage. With Axway eInvoicing, you can take a global approach to managing e-invoicing with just a single solution, eliminating the need to manage lots of buyer-specific processes and portals.

03 Become 100% digital. Manual and paper-based invoicing processes cost more than digital ones and slow down your operations. By automating all invoicing processes with Axway eInvoicing, you’ll save money on every invoice with no more manual, bespoke, and paper-based interventions.

04 Gain visibility and control. Lack of visibility into your invoicing makes it difficult to adopt new rules and regulations, respond to customers and partners, and evolve processes to meet changing business needs. Axway eInvoicing gives you the visibility and control right down to the individual invoice, whether it's order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, or other processes.

05 Look to the cloud. A cloud-based solution like Axway eInvoicing can help you scale, maintain, and upgrade e-invoicing at less cost and with greater agility. You can even choose a managed service with Axway that lets you offload these tasks to dedicated team with global operational expertise.

06 Converge your financial and operational processes. For many companies, invoicing lacks integration B2B integration processes, making it hard to manage and scale. If your company wants expert help in integrating e-invoicing with EDI, API, ERPs, and other processes with a consistent platform experience, Axway eInvoicing is the answer.

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Take control of e-invoicing with Axway
Take control of e-invoicing with Axway

Streamline operations and respond to new mandates, whatever the country