5 key findings to guide your Open Everything strategy

An Open Everything strategy relies on APIs to unleash the full power of data to create new digital experiences, innovate new services, and reach new markets. Axway’s 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey of nearly 1,000 IT leaders, architects, and developers revealed five key factors influencing the adoption of API-fueled solutions.

  1.  APIs are the way forward 

For companies in most industries, an API-first approach is a critical component and enabler in their digital transformation journey. Fifty percent of survey respondents said their enterprise has an internal API strategy or is publishing both internal and external APIs.

  1. Security remains a top priority

Whether its forming strategies to secure APIs, protecting personal data in the banking and medical industries, or concerns about moving to the cloud, data security ranks high among respondents engaged in API development and MFT connectivity. Accordingly, companies are developing more holistic approaches to security, investing more in data protection software, implementing Zero Trust architectures, or taking other security measures.

  1. Without APIs, companies can’t compete

By simplifying APIs accessibility for external and internal developers, companies are getting to market faster and responding better to business changes – two key ways to stay competitive. An open API management platform facilitates these trends by helping companies close the gap between API development and adoption to derive greater API value.

  1. COVID disrupted everything

COVID impacted both supply chains and tech adoption in most enterprises. The most significant supply chain disruptions included the need to forge new business relationships, cope with delays, and establish partnerships with alternative carriers and suppliers.

  1. There’s a looming shortage of expertise

A large majority of respondents are bracing for an expertise gap in the coming years and a possible shortage of software and IT talent. Companies are concerned about the impact of staffing issues on innovation, security, and API adoption.

Read the full 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey to learn more.

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