10 reasons to move your managed file transfer to a managed cloud service

Benefits of MFT managed cloud services 

Enterprises are discovering the value of moving away from strictly ground-based managed file transfer to a managed cloud service that reduces costs and sets them up to adapt, compete and win.

Download the infographic to see 10 reasons to consider moving your MFT to the cloud.

Here are 10 ways managed cloud services for MFT can bring value to your organization: 

1. Create opportunities for new services

APls streamline collaboration and expand service to customers using powerful mobile apps.

2. Stay committed to SLAs first

Rapid growth in file volume is handled by a dedicated outside team so you can stay focused on SLAs.

3. Trade hidden costs for known costs

Pay only the costs that are specified in the catalog of services you consume based on your need.

4. Meet changing demands as needed

Cloud flexibility lets you adjust on the fly to fluctuating activity independent of costs

5. Transfer CapEx to OpEx and save

Unlike capital investments, costs are operations expenditures based on the needs at the time.

6. Comply with evolving security standards

Adapt to tightening security and compliance demands faster and cheaper.

7. Capture the value of outsourcing

Inadequate MFT skills are not a factor since you outsource to those best suited to handle the job.

8. Focus on growing your business

Delegate the mundane tasks of platform management and stay focused on business, instead.

9. Migrating to the cloud is easy

Moving your managed file transfer to the cloud is simple and won't disrupt your business.

10. Go ground to cloud and back again

Moving ground-based MFT to a managed cloud service can be reversed if needs warrant.


What’s next? Learn how to modernize your MFT with a managed cloud service.

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