How to pivot your team's thinking around multicloud

There are a lot of different players on an enterprise’s multicloud team. You’ve got your tech leaders, your security leaders, and your executive-level leaders. But often, these key players don’t feel game-day ready. Considering the complexities of moving to multicloud, these leaders can feel stressed about taking a multicloud shot and feel doubtful that they’ll score.

What’s running through your TEAMMATES' minds about multicloud

Security leader

How will I efficiently address security incidents and keep enterprise data protected without a single control plane?

Tech leader

How will I keep current operations afloat while I’m dealing with migration delays and having to gain new cloud expertise?

Business leader

How will I see the ROI that I was promised from a multicloud investment when there are delays in the process?

One GAME PLAN to address everyone’s multicloud concerns

  1. Design a clear transformation plan that uses standardized file transfer tools and a centralized control tower, and also offers a trusted advisor’s support
  2. Create a clear path to regulatory compliance through comprehensive security and the separation of concerns by business line or criticality
  3. Find a partner that has strategic cloud partnerships to help meet your cloud needs, while also offering other services to enable new visions at scale and speed
  4. Select a vendor that is committed to your support and success, offers managed services, and has extensive experience as a trusted partner
  • The security leader will feel more in control
  • The tech leader will feel less pressure
  • The business leader will feel more confident

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