Time is running out: 3 reasons to adopt universal API management now

The idea of federated, or universal API management, has been around for years. But its adoption has been a slow go, and most organizations these days rely on a patchwork of platforms to manage their APIs.

There may be good reasons that APIs end up scattered throughout the enterprise, but as security and technical resource dynamics change, businesses need a full view of their APIs before it’s too late. Here’s why.

Increased security threats

APIs have become one of the largest attack vectors in the digital infrastructure. Hackers are evolving their tactics, often targeting unmanaged or unknown APIs, vulnerabilities due to security misconfigurations, or poorly designed APIs.

This was unfortunately the case for Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company, where an unsecured API caused a breach of up to 40% of Australians' data

Limited resources to invest

With most IT departments operating with limited resources and talent shortages expected to continue for the foreseeable future, businesses need to make the difficult calls about where to invest their development resources.

After all, it doesn’t just cost money to produce APIs — it also costs money to support and maintain them.

Need for business value

There was once a time when APIs were created as technical integrations for individual projects. That’s a chapter out of an old playbook.

Today, APIs are built as digital products — and like any other product a business creates, APIs have to prove their worth to a business. This calls for visibility into API usage.

Metrics offer insights into the applications that are most vital to your business and ones that could use performance upgrades or can even be retired.

The time to round up and secure APIs for universal API management is now. Amplify Enterprise Marketplace helps you get there in the most efficient way possible. With all your APIs brought together in one repository, they can be easily managed, discovered, and secured – regardless of where they are deployed.

IT teams can more easily manage digital assets without impacting development teams and their tools of choice, and you’ll be set up for API monetization when the time is right.

Organize your APIs to provide digital business success

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