6 ways an open API management platform makes life easier for IT leaders

APIs are getting more complex as they redefine digital business, keeping many IT leaders from achieving their strategic IT initiatives. But with an open API management platform, you can overcome this complexity and excel in ways you may not have thought of.

Harness your existing IT infrastructure

Don’t rip and replace your legacy systems. An open API management platform lets you use what you already have to automatically discover all your API assets, wherever they are in your distributed environment. You can scale your existing technology stack to meet emerging needs
and keep costs down.

Cash in on centralized control

An open API management platform offers prebuilt agents that let you automatically discover, observe and offer common subscription for all APIs from a central control plane. You get equal visibility into microservices and events across your entire ecosystem of APIs and connected applications, keeping all development teams on the same page.

Streamline development

A unified catalog enables dev teams to find and reuse all APIs, preventing costly duplication of APIs “in the wild.” This expedites collaborative efforts to create new offerings and drive their adoption. Plus, with low-code/no-code simplicity, business users can develop their own apps, further easing the burden on IT.

Boost productivity and operational efficiency

With a single, open API management platform, dev teams and business users can design, build, and test APIs – and create secure cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to- ground integrations – in just a few clicks. What’s more: automating manual processes reduces both the risk, and the total cost, of API platform adoption.

Take a simpler security stand

Security doesn’t have to add complexity to the technology equation. With an open API management platform, API security is facilitated from a centralized plane and API vulnerabilities are automatically detected. Predefined filters ensure authentication and authorization, and attacks are blocked before they occur.

Focus on consumption

The real value of APIs isn’t realized until the API is consumed. An open API management platform enables IT leaders to tap into that value by turning their IT infrastructure into a digital experience engine that focuses less on API building and more on driving API consumption.


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