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Office of Comptroller of Maryland transfers files with single point of control

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axway.com INDUSTRY Government GEOGRAPHY North America CHALLENGES The Office of the Comptroller of Maryland plays a vital role in many administrative processes across the state, including payroll for government employees. How can the agency exchange financial data securely, reliably, and in full compliance with applicable regulations? SOLUTION • Axway SecureTransport • Axway Syncplicity RESULTS The agency is consolidating its file-transfer workloads to a highly available instance of SecureTransport, offering a single point of control for more efficient management and governance. Office of the Comptroller of Maryland Agency maintains rock-solid security and supports service innovation with a central file-sharing platform In the state of Maryland, the Office of the Comptroller is responsible for key administrative processes including the collection of taxes and disbursement of salaries and wages to state workers. Each year, the agency collects approximately $16 billion in tax revenues and pays more than 100,000 government employees. To drive these processes reliably and efficiently, the agency must exchange financial data with a wide range of stakeholders, including other state government departments, banks and financial services providers, public universities, and thousands of individual taxpayers throughout the state. Keith Thompson, IT Systems Specialist at the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland, takes up the story: "Like many organizations that manage large amounts of financial data, we rely on the mainframe to process tax and payroll information. To carry out our responsibilities, we must share this mainframe data with the platforms used by our banking and government partners, which include a mixture of mainframes and distributed systems. Even though our file sizes and volumes are relatively small, they support millions of dollars in payments — so moving these files reliably is absolutely essential." Adapting to fast-moving regulations Over the past decade, the digital channel has exploded in popularity across all industries. As an increasing amount of public and private services move online, regulatory requirements around information security and data governance have also grown dramatically. In highly regulated industries, keeping pace with these changes is critical — but legacy systems can make it difficult to adapt quickly to an evolving compliance landscape. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY

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