For the IRS, hidden overseas holdings are fair game

Federal Government

United States

The IRS faced the need to comply with legislation requiring reporting of all foreign financial accounts of U.S. taxpayers and developing a secure data exchange system to include hundreds of thousands of global partners and do so within 6 months.

• Axway Managed File Transfer
• Axway Managed Cloud Services

• The cloud provides security and isolation from the agency’s internal IT network
• Self-service enables personnel and partners to onboard and manage accounts
• Elastic model to manage processing peaks and valleys is budget friendly
• On-time delivery meets a tight public project completion schedule
• Recognized by ACT-IAC as an award finalist

Financial data exchange for all governments
A global model of collaboration and public sector data exchange expertise
The success of the IRS IDES has had a profound effect on international collaboration
on tax reporting, and serves as a model for government tax administration
authorities in countries outside of the United States.

Foreign leaders have adopted similar programs to gather information on financial accounts held by their citizens in countries outside their own in order to ensure tax fairness and recover revenue.

Through mutual trust reciprocity agreements initiated by the FACTA program, and as
a government agency that has applied data integration in unique ways to build the
IDES system, the IRS is laying the groundwork for a more secure and cooperative
global community in pursuit of common goals.

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