5 crucial elements in a B2B solution to properly support ICS2 requirements

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is an emerging regulation in the B2B integration market. ICS2 underpins the European Union’s new pre-arrival customs program, which focuses on the security and safety of goods entering the EU. The rollout of this EU mandate means air, maritime, road, and rail cargo businesses need to remodel their existing B2B processes.

One of the challenges is the ISC2 requirement to use AS4 as a B2B protocol when delivering messages to EU customs. AS4 is complex and requires a sophisticated B2B integration solution to properly support it.

Here are five features that make the Axway B2B Integration platform an ideal choice for ICS2 compliance.

1 Out-of-the-box AS4 compliance

The Axway B2B Integration platform makes it easy to communicate through AS4 protocols. Predefined integration processes offer instant support for a variety of B2B protocols. This minimizes implementation time and costs, allowing you to be quickly compliant with ICS2 and other market regulations, while supporting modern business requirements.

2 Reliable and secure integration

The Axway B2B Integration platform’s advanced integration capabilities support strong security protocols, data integrity checks, and guaranteed delivery. B2B data remains protected as it’s shared across your network. And the exchange of messages is efficient to meet mission-critical goals.

3 Real-time visibility

When exceptions occur, businesses need visibility to avoid noncompliance penalties. The Axway B2B Integration platform provides this real-time visibility in a consolidated format.

IT teams can maintain oversight of server activity and technical issues. Line-of-business managers can view every event in a business process. Both parties can troubleshoot exceptions when they occur.

4 Drummond certification

Axway is one of the first vendors to earn Drummond certification for AS4 interoperability. Today, Drummond uses the Axway B2B Integration platform to manage its interoperability testing. This makes the solution a key contributor to setting the industry standard.

5 Bigger than just AS4

Proper handling of AS4-driven processes like ICS2 is essential for any business moving goods through the EU. But make sure it’s part of a larger B2B integration platform experience: streamlining EDI, API, VAN, e-Invoicing, ERP and cloud convergence, and other business processes will ensure optimal organizational efficiency.

Coping with emerging market regulations like ICS2 is only one challenge B2B companies face. Others include new digital use cases, supply chain disruptions, and legacy software. The good news is that the Axway B2B Integration platform can help you overcome them all.

Discover how the Axway B2B Integration platform keeps you up to date and reliable.

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