Leading insurer in Germany differentiates on digital services

This leading insurance company in Germany operates across Europe, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services across multiple product lines, including personal and business insurance. Because so many customers now expect their insurers to provide tailored products and responsive digital journeys, this provider aims to continually adapt and enhance its offering to differentiate itself effectively.

A spokesperson for the insurance company confirms: “Competition is growing all the time, and as new fintechs and insurtechs enter the market, it’s essential to offer relevant, high-quality services.”

As part of its long-term growth strategy, the insurer will introduce new services through a combination of in-house development and insurtech acquisition, as well as through integration with external fintech and insurtech ecosystems. For all these scenarios, the company will rely on APIs to enable new services — but a siloed approach to API management presented risks.

“We identified API security and governance as our two key priorities,” continues the spokesperson. “You can’t protect what you can’t see, and without a single point of control for API management, we had no way to accurately assess or mitigate risks. And crucially for the business, a single API management layer would facilitate the development of new services, helping us to bring innovative offerings to customers faster.”

Gaining central control over all APIs

Working with Axway, the insurer has implemented a central approach to API management and governance based on Amplify Platform — empowering the company to discover, use, and govern APIs effectively at scale.

The spokesperson comments: “Compared to API management tools I have used in the past, the Amplify Platform makes it much easier to implement API policies and create destinations such as message queues and FTP servers. The Amplify Platform also allows us to greatly enhance API security and transparency. We can see all APIs in use across the organization, and enforce security and governance controls from a central point of control. As we continue to cultivate new partnerships with insurtechs and integrate more deeply into fintech partner ecosystems, this capability will become even more important.”

Leveraging a trusted partnership

In partnership with experts from Axway Professional Services, the insurer deployed the new API management platform without disruption to existing digital services.

The spokesperson elaborates: “Working with Axway was a very positive experience — their team helped us to design the infrastructure and the architecture for the new platform, and the documentation that they prepared is excellent. Whenever we have a question or require technical support, we’ve always found Axway to be extremely responsive and knowledgeable.”

Growing rapidly and securely

Since the insurer first deployed Amplify Platform, API calls have increased by a factor of eight. Today, the company manages 160 production APIs with 40 million calls a month.

“Integrating API management into our CI/CD pipeline has allowed us to scale without compromising on our high standards around data governance and security,” says the spokesperson. “The Amplify Platform also offers an excellent experience for developers, who can use the platform to search all APIs and their associated documentation. Based on the current trend, we anticipate that our annual API call volumes will double in the next three years — and the Amplify Platform equips us to handle that growth with ease.”

Thriving in a competitive market

Looking ahead, Amplify Platform will play a key role as the insurer enhances its offering with data-driven services.

“We now use the Amplify Platform to support a wide range of customer facing services, including an API-powered portal that keeps users updated on the status of their insurance claims,” concludes the spokesperson. “Our work with Axway will help us bring new fintech and insurtech-enabled services to market in an agile, secure way — an important differentiator in today’s insurance space.”

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