API gateways: The more, the merrier?

Chances are, you have multiple API gateways in your organization. The State of API Report by SmartBear shows this is a market-wide trend: of the 66 percent of respondents who use an API management tool, many are using more than one.

Enterprises end up adopting multiple API gateways for several very good reasons, from meeting different security needs, to moving to the cloud, to making their infrastructures – and their businesses – more resilient and agile.

But it also complicates things. When you have multiple API gateways,
it’s harder to see all the APIs you actually have and to understand who’s
consuming them. It’s more expensive to run multiple API gateways that don’t
talk to each other, especially in hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments.
And as you move to the cloud, increase API traffic through adoption of
microservices, or just add more APIs to meet business demands, the
challenges grow.

Axway is dedicated to making API management, and integration overall,
simpler. We conducted customer and market research with the goal of answering two questions:

• Why do companies adopt multiple API gateways?
• What challenges arise from multiple API gateways?

This paper summarizes what we learned and offers guidance for making
the most of multiple gateways to create business value.

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