Maximize API discovery, governance, and security everywhere

Automatically discover, consolidate, and manage APIs across multiple gateways, clouds, and developer teams

Successfully leveraging APIs to support digital transformation and thrive in the digital economy means dealing with the sprawl, scale, and complexity of API services deployed across a heterogeneous, distributed application architecture. It also means overcoming the risk of noncompliant or unmanaged APIs and inconsistent application of security policies. 

As a true universal platform for API management, Axway Amplify Platform allows you to securely govern and automatically discover APIs across teams and multiple third-party APIM solutions, on-premises or in any cloud. It gives you a solid - yet agile- platform for meeting tightening API security requirements and responding quickly to new opportunities using the IT infrastructure you already have. 

Amplify Platform:

  • Automates discovery of all your API assets across your distributed IT environment and support centralized governance and monitoring
  • Provides centralized visibility, control, and security of APIs and other digital assets across APIM platforms, gateways, repositories, clouds, and different API patterns
  • Offers an enterprise API marketplace that enables you to productize and curate APIs for easy adoption by internal and external app developers through a common subscription mechanism
  • Uses agents to collect and communicate with your existing technology stack instead of ripping and replacing your legacy systems
  • Promotes automation between APIs with low-code and no-code interfaces to accelerate integration

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Smals delivers API-driven services to public bodies across Belgium
Smals delivers API-driven services to public bodies across Belgium

Supporting over 300 government institutions with Amplify API Management