Securely open your APIs for business – on-premises or in the cloud

APIs are at the heart of digital initiatives so it’s not surprising they comprise most of the internet’s traffic. As Enterprise Architects who are in charge of common infrastructure, platforms, and service delivery know, more use comes with more complexity and security risk. Unknown – and therefore unmanaged – APIs only add to both. So, how do you initiate and grow an API program for your organization securely using your current legacy systems and resources? With Axway Amplify.

As the only open platform for API management, Amplify lets you secure and
govern all your APIs across internal and external teams without being locked
into any single vendor. Start on-premises, then prepare for a move to the
cloud when you’re ready. Amplify gives you the tools you need to navigate
the API landscape so you can create brilliant digital experiences, reach new
markets, and achieve goals for digital business growth.

Read this quick overview to learn more.

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IT leaders: Don’t let API complexity ruin your plans
IT leaders: Don’t let API complexity ruin your plans

Master complexity with an open API management platform that works across multiple teams, gateways, and clouds

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