Ransomware attacks: What you need to know now

Axway's Chief Product Officer shares in this video how the recent rash of ransomware attacks reveal a weakness that reaches much further up the ladder than the IT department at many enterprises. 

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"Today, this is incredibly urgent. Every day, you can look around and see the news of more companies falling victim to exploits that have been known for some time."
— Vince Padua, Chief Product Officer at Axway

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Vince Padua

Vince Padua is the Chief Product Officer at Axway. Vince Padua guides his team in innovating the technology and products that combine to form the company’s industry-leading enterprise integration platform. As Chief Product Officer at Axway, Vince stands at the forefront of enterprise technology innovation. His mastery in leveraging emerging technology trends, expediting new business models, and fostering co-innovation with key stakeholders underscores his ability to navigate the dynamic tech landscape successfully. Vince's vision shapes Axway's product portfolio and technology roadmap, ensuring they continually evolve to exceed customer expectations. Prior to joining Axway, Vince spent 18 years driving innovation for IBM, Dell, and Intel, and has assumed various leadership and founder roles in commerce and platform start-ups. He holds six patents, a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Fresno State, and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler Business School).

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