Amplify in Action | Securely expose data via APIs

It’s happening everywhere.

Businesses and governments are creating better experiences and new opportunities with the help of APIs. For example, a leading bank in Indonesia used APIs to reach 150 million citizens who didn’t have a bank account. 

How? By turning legacy IT infrastructure from the merger of five different banks into a modern open platform that supports new business models and new markets. Instead of ripping and replacing incompatible, siloed systems that were holding them back, the bank used Amplify API Management to securely expose its products and services to fintech partners via APIs.

In turn, more than a thousand partners are generating new accounts for the bank through their own API-powered apps and services.

The bottom line? A rapidly expanding ecosystem gives the bank access to previously hard-to-reach customer target segments. New account acquisition has quadrupled in just 3 years, with the kind of digital experiences customers expect. And the compound annual growth rate for transaction volume is up 274 percent. All without hiring new staff or opening a single new branch. That’s the power of Amplify. Move forward with Axway.

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