8 reasons to transform your finance ERP with Axway Financial Accounting Hub

September 28, 2022

Besides maintaining account accuracy and regulatory compliance, enterprise
finance teams need to build trusting relationships internally by helping
stakeholders make better decisions. By moving to a new finance ERP
platform, they can not only bring finance and the business together, but they
can also improve efficiency, business agility, and how they leverage data.

*View this Finance ERP checklist in pdf format*

Finance ERP checklist: 8 reasons to transform 

No. 1: Ready to go

Available as software as a service, Financial Accounting Hub lets you start a project and configure your migration rules as soon as you log in. Cut integration work during migration, consolidation, and ERP changes in half. 

No. 2: Business user oriented

 A powerful assistant and low-code simplicity lets you define ERP transformation rules. Simulate and check results using reconciliation and analytics. Manage expectations and adjustments with user-friendly forms and workflow. Audit everything 

No. 3: Hybrid connectivity

With Financial Accounting Hub you can leverage Axway Amplify, an openAPI management platform that connects to any application on-premises, in a private or public cloud, or a hybrid of both. Axway manages connectivity to your IT systems, source, and target ERP.

No. 4: Future-enablement

An agnostic solution that integrates with any source or target application, Financial Accounting Hub operates independent of existing and future applications as well as changing accounting standards and norms.

No. 5: Secure migration

As a universal solution, Financial Accounting Hub is fully customizable with predefined connectors and templates that ensure faster, more secure migration while reducing costs and risks.

No. 6: Smart transition

With Financial Accounting Hub, you can not only migrate a snapshot of your legacy general ledger (GL), but also build an “accounting bridge” that lets you feed the new GL according to the same rules you used to transform old flows that populate the old system. No need to recreate existing flows.

No. 7: Connect your apps

Financial Accounting Hub’s embedded rule engine processes millions of events per minute. It connects to your business apps and quickly transforms every transaction and event generated by those apps into the appropriate accounting postings in the general ledger and other financial systems.

No. 8: Replace your legacy GL and still comply

Postings and transactions are typically kept indefinitely in old general ledgers for compliance reasons. With Financial Accounting Hub, you keep non-migrated data in a low-cost ledger for auditability and export SAF-T files on demand. Save maintenance costs and IT resources by removing your legacy GL.


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