API control, collaboration, reuse, and more: 5 ways IT can be a stronger partner for the business

See real-world examples that show how you can:

  • Get control of all your APIs
  • Enable collaboration and re-use across business units and geographies
  • Boost developer productivity

These real-world examples show how you can get control of all your APIs, enable collaboration and re-use across business units and geographies, and boost developer productivity.

No. 1: Bring new services to market faster at a lower cost

By deploying an open API platform in a hybrid cloud, National Oilwell Varcoreduced time to market for APIs that deliver new services by 90%.“Publishing all our digital services on a central catalog will offer our developers an instant overview of what APIs are already available — reducing duplication of effort and cutting time-to -market for new products.”

—Chris Hengst, Lead API Architect/API Evangelist and Marc Patterson, Senior Architect/API Evangelist at HM Health Solutions

No. 2: Outsource R&D

Erste Group’s partners leverage a unified API catalog to create and market new products for the bank’s 15 million customers.

“For external developers, we have created a common developer portal that will enable them to connect any API regardless of the tech behind the scenes on which it was prepared, so they get access to just one endpoint and can start building.”

—Pavel Vybíral, Senior Architect at Erste Group

No. 3: Track consumption and monetize your APIs

BNP Paribas Personal Finance operates in 33 countries, each with its own API platform. A central catalog with automated API discovery lets them measure usage across the entire organization.

As ENGIE prepares to monetize APIs — initially for internal charge-back and later for selling services externally — 26 BUs are using consumption metrics to understand future costs and opportunities.

No. 4: Enforce security and centralize governance across your digital assets and APIs

More than 1/3 of enterprises cite API security and authentication as a key challenge (SmartBear, State of API 2020).

By moving from siloed to centralized APIs, Bairdeliminated shadow IT, reduced the risk of inadvertently bringing down systems and services, and can apply the same security standards across the enterprise.

No. 5: Standardize to automate

ENGIE standardized API best practices like CI/CD across the enterprise and improved internal experiences by unifying interfaces, regardless of the underlying technology.

For Erste Group, a central API portal means independent developers building new products have a greater opportunity to scale their offerings across all the countries the bank serves. The bank also standardized their APIs so all internal teams can build open banking solutions quickly, which led to the creation of the group-wide customer mobile app, George.

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