Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite

Safeguard mission-critical PKIs with rapid certificate validation

Axway Validation Authority (VA) Suite offers a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable framework for rapid validation of digital certificates used in PKI environments. Axway VA is certificate-authority (CA) agnostic and provides support for multiple CAs, several different trust models, and CA-specific validation policies. 

Axway VA is widely deployed across the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies. As a trusted gatekeeper, it ensures the validity and authenticity of digital certificates, rapidly and reliably to safeguard authentication, encryption, and signing. 

Axway VA delivers:

A one-stop shop for certificate validation. Robust local OCSP and SCVP Responder, Repeater, and client functionalities eliminate the need for bandwidth-hogging CRL downloads to every local device.

Scalability and reliability. Axway VA is built to handle high volumes of validation requests and supports High Availability architectures to approach near-zero downtime. Its distributed architecture and fault tolerance features make it ideal for mission-critical deployments. 

Flexibility and integration. Axway VA integrates seamlessly with existing PKI systems and supports various protocols, including OCSP, SCVP, and proprietary low-bandwidth protocols. It meets diverse validation needs and is fast and simple to deploy.

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