Future of Banking: Your map to successful API adoption

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:
- The realities of embedded finance in today's landscape
- The acceleration of bank platformization with common standards
- Blue-ocean opportunities that publishing open banking APIs affords
- How to enable developers to build experiences with these capabilities

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"Open banking, by introducing common standards and reducing costs, has really poured fuel on that fire and accelerated that whole move toward platformization."
— Eyal Sivan, Mr. Open Banking

Enable successful API adoption with an API marketplace

Before open banking entered the picture, banks were becoming platforms that extended the reach of API capabilities. Open banking has been a catalyst for this shift.

Banks are consuming open banking APIs to enhance their own digital channel experience. But an even more exciting opportunity lies in publishing APIs. The publication of APIs taps into blue ocean opportunities. It tears down walls and makes open banking APIs accessible to a broader ecosystem.


“Suddenly your bank is not limited to providing banking services through your mobile app and your website,” Sivan stated. “You can provide banking capabilities anywhere that a customer is using a digital app because your banking capabilities can be embedded in those myriad digital experiences.”

But as a bank, how can you be sure that the APIs you publish are organized to enable adoption?

The answer to this requires putting yourself in the shoes of consumers — in this case it’s developers. Are APIs logically grouped and packaged together? Is business documentation provided to support product use? Are subscription and pricing plans clearly defined?

The answers to these questions and the enablers for successful API adoption are taking an API-first approach and making open banking APIs available through an API marketplace.

Tap into blue ocean opportunities by implementing an API marketplace

Watch the webinar to understand the value of an API-first approach.

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