The promise of Open Everything

Data is the lifeblood of commerce, learning, governing, entertaining, curing, and securing. The massive volume of data generated globally every day is packed with potential. When it's securely unlocked and strategically focused, it can open everything: from fighting pandemics on Earth to exploring new horizons on Mars.

What is Open Everything?

Open Everything means tapping into the full value of your digital ecosystem so you can take advantage of emergent opportunities using the IT infrastructure you already have. It empowers you to create the captivating digital experiences of tomorrow, expand into lucrative new markets, and transform worn, brittle conventions into agile API-fueled strategies and practices that future-enable your business for sustained growth.

But data isn't the only focus. Open Everything is about making human connections within your digital ecosystem, nurturing old and new partner relationships, and streamlining collaboration to innovate products and services yet to be imagined.

Open Everything isn’t a political statement, but a call to action for all of us to change the way we think about our customers, partners, and employees, their data, and how we connect and serve them. It is a call to action to start today to unlock the opportunities in your existing heritage infrastructure and move to an API-first world.

– Paul French, CMO, Axway

How do you Open Everything?

Open Everything lets you deliver a captivating experience that drives customer loyalty. But it's not just about APIs and customers. Using B2B integration and MFT in the cloud, you can optimize the digital experience for business partners whose products and services complement yours to create an even better customer experience.

Who can Open Everything?

CIOs, CTOs, and other IT leaders. App developers and IT architects. Business leaders from CEO and COO, to CMO. Role-based empowerment through Open Everything means different things to different people. What they all have in common? The power potential of data, a vision of the future, and the drive to succeed.

Where is Open Everything succeeding?

From banking and finance to healthcare, supply chains, and other industries, securely unleashing the full value of data is giving customers, patients, business partners, and citizens greater control. They want a single digital destination of embedded services where they can do everything. This means companies in all industries need to Open Everything whether they like it or not. And it's working.

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