Textron | Using Axway Managed Cloud Services for MFT to support high-end security

July 8, 2024

Textron shares over six million files with internal and external stakeholders every year. Learn how Textron decided to move its proven SecureTransport solution to Axway Managed Cloud Services for MFT: a fully managed service backed by the technical expertise of a world-class support team.

Al Gutierrez: I'm an IT senior architect at Textron.

Matt Miller: I'm an IT business analyst at Textron. 

Textron is a multi-industry company who has a global network of different businesses including aircraft, defense and intelligence, industrial, and also finance businesses located across the world, spanning over roughly 25 countries, and about 34,000 employees.

We've been customers for several years now. We were on Prem for a while, and we started to experience more issues the more that we put an emphasis on security. We noticed that we could be doing things a lot better.

So the benefit that we have going into the cloud with Axway, we're able to remove the weight that we have in the support of our end users and the platform we have on premise environment. The security requirement has been changed in the last 10 years, been more stringent every year that we passed. There are more breaches that happen in the industry and being Textron, a defense contract, we are required to have a very high level of security in our system that's put a burden on us. So moving that one off of our shoulders and now being in the Axway cloud with a managed team, helps us a lot because we don't have to be worried about that and we know that the data that we have and the transmissions that we have to Axway Cloud are very secure.

A lot of the worry that we had and a lot of the sleep that we were losing at night we've gained back now. Being in managed service is also just not having to have Textron resources monitor our file tracking and server logs for failed connections and 24 by 7 now our resources can focus on other areas.

I think at this moment the platform that we're running with MFT is reaching the level that we're expecting. It's stable, I will say, they are trusting with the system that we have, the same with vendors, we know more or less what the process is we know exactly how the process runs so we have a clear expectation there. That is something that we can bring back to our offices and say hey if this is something that we should be looking trying to expand the relationship with Axway to go to other areas that probably they can help us to improve the process.

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