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Info-Tech Research Group: MFT Vendor Landscape Excerpt

Recommendations Based on MFT Best Practices in 4 Use-Case Scenarios

The Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape report evaluates the features and performance of managed file transfer products according to 4 use-case scenarios and ranks providers by their ability to offer solutions that meet MFT best practices. The report provides highly informed and valuable guidance to enterprises seeking better business integration and file sharing capabilities, and points them to the right MFT solution for their specific needs.

Axway was ranked as the “Champion” in 2 out of the 4 use-case scenarios, and earned “Leader” status in a third. Axway also gained recognition as “best-in-class” for role-based security. As a result, Info-Tech Research Group recommends: “Axway should be shortlisted for large enterprises with complex file transfer and integration needs. The multi-product MFT portfolio will allow organizations to expand their integration capabilities.”

Below are Axway’s ranking in all 4 use-case scenarios that were evaluated:

    Server-to-Server Enterprise
    Looks at traditional MFT capabilities, including scheduling, directory scanning, file event monitoring, secure and assured transfer of files from one to many points. Advanced features for file transfer process management will be weighted heavily in this use case.
    Server-to-Server Mid-Market
    Looks for basic MFT capabilities, available at an affordable price point, in a product that is easy to install, configure and operate. More advanced features are weighted lightly, given that in many cases, SMB organizations don’t always need them.
    Ad-Hoc Enterprise
    Looks at users who engage in spontaneous, user driven, file transfers. Advanced features – such as integration with e-mail clients, web clients, ad-hoc person-to-person file transfer, and controlled access to the sent files – are weighted heavily.
    Ad-Hoc Mid-Market
    Looks at the same user engagement and advanced features as Ad-Hoc Enterprise, but for mid-market organizations, usability and affordability are weighted more heavily.

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