5 reasons Axway Intelligent MFT is a true MFT integration platform

To stay competitive, progressive companies need to handle a growing number of managed file transfers with many file formats every day. That means the right MFT integration solution has to do more than just move files securely; it has to move business forward. Here are five reasons Axway Intelligent MFT is the smart way to streamline managed file transfer integrations for a competitive advantage. 

01 Cloud-native platform

Axway Intelligent MFT is built on two decades of solid expertise in delivering the latest file transfer technology capabilities. Operating in the context of hybrid cloud and containerized environments, Axway Intelligent MFT gives you an intuitive interface that requires little to no coding, plus the scalability to meet the high file-transfer volumes of any enterprise. 

02 Secure, prebuilt connectors

Connect with anything, anywhere, anytime. Axway Intelligent MFT offers secure integration in cloud and on-premises environments, while enabling batch, real-time, and event-driven file transfers. Prebuilt connectors streamline operations and custom options let you configure Axway Intelligent MFT capabilities to your specific MFT requirements.

03 Unified MFT platform

Axway Intelligent MFT isn't a single-style integration platform. Developers and users can change patterns to accommodate a wide range of applications, data, and APIs that need to be securely integrated into MFT processes. Integrations are built into a visual data mapper with advanced orchestration capabilities to simplify MFT operations.

04 Persona-based MFT support

An agnostic platform, Axway Intelligent MFT isn't tied down to a specific integration pattern, technology, or skillset. IT specialists, ad hoc integrators, and citizen integrators can use the platform to meet individual, role-based integration requirements and go-to-market demands. 

05 A smart MFT integration investment

When you invest in Axway Intelligent MFT, you invest in a true MFT integration platform that addresses the complexity of MFT integration patterns. It's the key to reducing time to value, lowering operational costs, and generating new revenue. 

Get wise to the power of Axway Intelligent MFT in this 30-minute demo

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