Survey: Patients want what APIs can offer, healthcare interoperability is at a crossroads

healthcare interoperability

In a recent Axway consumer survey, we found many Americans are taking advantage of growing interoperability in healthcare, but there’s still work to do to put patients in control of their health data. The survey asked 1,017 American adults

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Ruby Raley

Ruby Raley is the VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Axway. Ruby is passionate about creating more seamless digital experiences for patients, providers, payers, and beyond. With a focus on APIs and Digital Transformation, she helps organizations innovate, break down data silos, and secure sensitive information. At Axway, Ruby helps launch products, improve processes, and position solutions. She promotes Axway's digital integration products and mission to 'open everything,' collaboratively creating value for customers and building long-term relationships with partners. Ruby has been a Consultant and Advisory Board Member, currently serving with Stragistics Technology to provide sales and marketing advisory services. Prior advisory and consultancy roles included regulatory and market research, content development, sales assistance, and solutions development for healthcare startups.

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