Groupe Henner

From managing bank accounts to buying groceries, the digital channel is fast becoming the preferred way to engage with brands and businesses. In the insurance sector, individuals and enterprises alike now increasingly expect the ability to access self-service capabilities online and on mobile — and are willing to vote with their feet if providers are unable to offer a
frictionless experience.

This was the situation facing Groupe Henner, one of the leading providers of health and life insurance in France. The company aimed to offer seamless digital journeys across all its key product lines, but legacy systems stood in the way of innovation.

Frédéric Girardeau, Direction Systèmes d’Information, Responsable du Domaine Solution Middle-Office at Groupe Henner, explains: “We rely on a number of back-office applications to drive our day-to-day operations, many of which were developed in-house. Most of these business systems
— known internally as ‘Henner Net’ — were built decades ago, before agile development methodologies, DevOps practices, and cloud technologies were mainstream.

“When our new CIO, Olivier Daniel, joined the business, one of his first
priorities was to build the foundational IT capabilities we needed to realize
our digital transformation goals. A key challenge we faced was moving
from the old, batch-based world to responsive, real-time services.”

Read the full case study to learn how Groupe Henner solved legacy IT challenges to improve customer experience with Amplify API Management.

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