What makes a great customer experience?

Your customers, partners, and employees need your business to communicate with empathy and anticipate their needs. The right strategy and technology can help.

Before the world changed virtually overnight, customer experience (CX) was already a priority for business leaders. Now, it has become THE priority, as companies feel an immense responsibility to be there not only for customers and partners, but for remote employees as well.

By rethinking digital experiences with a focus on communicating with empathy and offering self-service, you will be setting the stage for longer loyalty, deeper trust, and faster growth in the future.

A great experience anywhere raises expectations everywhere.

For years, the Amazons, Googles, and Apples of the world have continuously raised the bar for what a customer experience should be, and people have expected everyone else to meet it.


But you don’t have to be a tech titan or a born-digital startup to master CX. You just have to know your customers well, so you can anticipate their needs and personalize their experiences. Did you know that 80% of watched content on Netflix is based on recommendations?


See how these Axway customers are anticipating expectations
with exceptional digital experiences.


    40 million patients                           4x increase in customer acquisition              $30+ M in new revenue 

To communicate with empathy, you need a 360-degree view of your customers

One in three customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. That’s how important it is to be as helpful, accurate, and responsive as you can possibly be.

To communicate with empathy, you need to know your customers. That requires breaking down stubborn data and process silos to gain a 360-degree, real-time view of where they are in the customer journey and what they need at any moment in time.

The Amplify platform makes it possible.


Invest in self-service to help people help themselves

Did you know that most people prefer self-service over speaking to someone on the phone? Making it fast, easy, and convenient for people to find information and solve their own issues not only lowers costs, but also keeps customers, partners, and employees happy. This is especially true today, when more and more transactions and interactions need to happen in the digital world.

Amplify lets you integrate heritage data, apps, and services to create something new, or securely expose internal systems to the outside world.   

Learn about Amplify Application Integration.

Deliver real-time information to the people who need it

Amplify Streams can push millions of updates to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time, providing crucial information and a superior experience for your customers and their customers.

Learn about event-driven architecture.

Not sure where to start?

Count on our experts to guide you through. The Axway Catalysts team is on hand to help your business and IT teams reprioritize and get moving. They have the strategy and technology experience and insights to help you make good decisions now that will prepare you for the new way of doing business in the future.

Get started with a 30-minute call with a Catalyst.

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