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Customer Experience Networks Go Where Omnichannel Retail Can’t

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axway.com Copyright © Axway 2017. All Rights Reserved. AXWAY_WP_CXN_RETAIL_EN_082417 axway.com/cxn Gear up for the future of retail with a customer experience network START HERE Embedded analytics Illuminate the real-time health, performance and adoption of services, helping to predict future growth and support continuous improvement. Endless possibilities. Collaborative communities. Connect your organization to expert content, technology resources and skilled solution providers, including over 800,000 skilled developers and partners from around the globe. Tap into different experiences and ideas to help your team achieve greater results faster. Cloud portal services Support a unique Axway identity provider (IdP) for use as a profile that each user can activate to receive a more personalized user experience with documentation, support, user communities, knowledge bases and educational events when the user is logged in. Portal services are accessible directly via web and mobile browsers. Cloud marketplaces Discover, share and monetize an extensive catalog of prebuilt services and "service accelerators," a customizable set of templates from connectors, policies and orchestrations to apps, dashboards and more. They are available with complete API documentation and can be used to bootstrap new and innovative services. High scalability. Hybrid deployment. Depending on your organization's requirements, AMPLIFY's hybrid design adheres to a variety of deployment models. Cloud-connected products Deploy robust design and runtime tools powered by AMPLIFY with high availability in on-premises data centers or on cloud-hosted environments. Cloud solutions Ensure high resiliency and rapid scaling on any deployment environment using solutions architected from containerized microservices powered by AMPLIFY. You are provided with self- service access, monitoring and delegated administration.

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