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State of California IT shines with streamlined services

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axway.com Copyright © Axway 2021. All Rights Reserved. | axway_CS_state_of_ca_en_061821 Discover more ways to overcome file transfer challenges Using Axway Managed File Transfer, we have built one solution that meets every need that has been thrown at it so far. Axway Managed File Transfer is extremely diverse, providing everything from simple browser upload and download, to fully automated applications in which our services are utilized but never seen. With Axway Managed File Transfer, transfer of information to and from OSHPD is now secure at all times. Moving file transfer activity away from the server and to an Axway Managed File Transfer gateway has resulted in simpler, less costly support and management of the service, and eliminated the risk of users directly affecting the server. OSHPD is now equipped to fully protect the personal information of California citizens, and can easily comply with all necessary regulations, including HIPAA. One solution, one service for many agencies With Axway Managed File Transfer, the State of California can now provide every state agency with a cost effective, multi-protocol, shared-service offering that enables data exchange between mainframes, servers, desktops, and other systems, including a wide range of internal and external end users. No client software is required, and administration can be delegated so that each department or agency is in charge of its own secure file transfer service and its users, preserving security and autonomy. Within security guidelines set by OTech, various agencies are able to customize their service just as if they had purchased their own product — setting their own policies, standards, reporting and alerts. And since all of this activity happens within a centrally managed infrastructure, OTech can easily track expenditures and charge agencies and departments for their allocated use of the service.

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