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State of California IT shines with streamlined services

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axway.com 2 Using a centralized Axway Managed File Transfer application as a state of California-sanctioned service available to any state entity, the state of California now: • Relies on a consolidated, centralized critical infrastructure • Secures and automates file transfers • Saves significant time and money • Improves enterprise efficiency and optimizes business processes The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) The State of California DMV provides vehicle registration and licensing for approximately 23 million drivers, collecting $6.5 billion in revenue annually. As one of the largest entities in the state, the DMV has the busiest website and the highest number of private sector partners of any department. The DMV was moving data — including confidential information — to and from partners and other state agencies via shipped magnetic media tapes, and over ground transportation, dedicated lines and VPN tunnels, with all the attendant shipping,w labor, material and maintenance costs. With the continued growth of the DMV, and the resulting increase in volume of data being transferred, it's no surprise that costs were spiraling and data was at risk. The DMV had a pressing need to: • Upgrade and consolidate outdated file transfer systems • Streamline and automate data transfer processes • Delegate administration and on-boarding capabilities to its partners and other state agencies • Improve support and process efficiency • Eliminate legacy file-transfer tools such as tapes, VPNs and dedicated lines • Accelerate "Green IT" efforts to minimize paper-based processes, reduce transportation and energy costs and their related "carbon footprint," and reduce labor and capital equipment Using Axway Managed File Transfer, the DMV not only eliminated its legacy VPN infrastructure; it also decommissioned a tape machine for which it had been paying maintenance costs of $100,000 per year. New levels of file-transfer automation have improved accuracy and cut IT costs, and all DMV connections are now secure. The DMV was able to reduce IT resources, support and maintenance for mainframe connections, and can now set up and manage its own accounts. Using Axway Managed File Transfer, the DMV now runs on a slimmer IT budget, and Californians' personal information is secure. It is phenomenal how many problems we are solving using this product. Kevin Paddock, Supervisor of Web Services, OTech

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