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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

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axway.com Copyright © Axway 2022. All Rights Reserved. | axway_CS_asean_en_060322 Need to exchange documents securely and cost-effectively? Read more Cutting clearing times in half Today, all ten ASEAN member states are using the ASW to exchange Certificates of Origin, and work is ongoing to exchange other key cross- border documents, including ASEAN Customs Declaration Documents (ACDDs) and phytosanitary certificates. Certificates of Origin are one of the most important documents for regional trade, as they validate the provenance of goods and therefore the shipper's access to preferential tariff rates. In the past, a missing or incorrectly filed Certificate of Origin could cause containers to be held at port for upwards of two weeks, generating significant costs. Since the ASW went live, more than 900,000 Certificates of Origin have been exchanged digitally between all ten member states. By harnessing B2Bi to share cross-border information seamlessly, many of the ASEAN countries are now enabling frictionless trade for locally produced goods — minimizing the time required to clear containers through customs and onwards to their destination. Noor comments: "We've cut the cargo release time by half for ASEAN- originating containers, and we'll see even greater benefits once everything is paperless." Regional success, global opportunities ASEAN continues to work with Axway to develop the ASW as its requirements evolve. For example, as member states have gradually embraced a common header concept for all trade documents being exchanged between ASW gateways, Axway has helped enhance the ASW to support a common message implementation framework for the exchange of ACDD, e-Phyto, and other cross-border documents. Looking to the future, ASEAN is exploring the possibility of building an international gateway — empowering member states to integrate seamlessly with trading partners in North America, Europe, China, and beyond. "USAID is very satisfied with the solution Axway has provided to meet the needs of the ASW," concludes Rebecca Acuña. "Axway has been a good partner all along, working both with USAID and the ASEAN Member States to make the idea of the ASW a reality."

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