Axway SecureTransport

May 11, 2018

Unify your MFT gateway protocols to break away from complexity

Years of adding one-off file transfer connections to meet a specific need often equals a complex environment that lacks the flexibility, reliability, security, and traceability needed to support all your business scenarios and compliance requirements. Simplify the equation with SecureTransport.

As a multi-protocol, managed file transfer (MFT) gateway, SecureTransport provides the flexibility you need to support virtually any MFT use case. Leverage Axway Syncplicity to connect human-centric file sharing with system-oriented MFT. Secure, manage, and track file flows among people and applications inside your enterprise, beyond your firewall to your user communities, and in the cloud.

With SecureTransport you can:

  • Be ready for high-growth use cases by providing flexibility and autonomy for end users while maintaining corporate controls
  • Weave MFT capabilities into digital applications and use cases using full REST APIs
  • Push data securely to trading partners in real time
  • Power ultra-high-end shared service bureaus to meet the demands of multiple business units and organizations in one scalable infrastructure
  • Meet new file flow requirements with customized, multistep file handling and routing
  • Reduce errors and time to business by provisioning users remotely using APIs

Read the data sheet and then contact us to learn more.



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