9 ways managed cloud services help reduce EDI risks

July 19, 2022

The great resignation. Global supply chain disruptions. Inflation. These are just some of the factors threatening the business continuity of enterprises that are staying the course with legacy EDI. If you haven’t considered moving your B2B transactions to the cloud with a whole-cloud or hybrid solution, download the checklist to learn nine reasons you should.

01 Fix problems before they happen

With a B2B managed cloud services solution, you can get alerts to SLA risks and quickly adjust as needed. Enhanced visibility allows you to audit accurately, resolve disputes quickly, and continually improve your operations.

02 Let someone else worry about uptime and SLAs

Moving to the cloud allows you to delegate the associated SLA risk assessment and management to a third party.

03 Go with the flow

As B2B traffic volume increases, you need the flexibility to scale your infrastructure quickly to meet rising demand. By shifting B2B interactions to the cloud, you get the scalability you need to adapt to fluctuations in business activity without interruption.

04 Fuel innovation and onboard faster

Partnering with a managed cloud services provider gives you the technology and expertise you need to inject API-fueled innovation into your systems and accelerate your onboarding process.

05 Get more cost control

With a cloud-based platform, you pay based on the consumption of services, which helps shift EDI infrastructure from capital to operational expenses.

06 Leave security to the experts

Cybersecurity breaches are exceptionally costly. Managed cloud solutions maintain high B2B integration security by using the latest standards, allowing organizations to confidently outsource the tasks, time, and resources to a third party.

07 Ensure access to all the right skills

The visual mapping tools and preconfigured integration templates enterprises need to get ahead today require skill sets that most in-house IT teams lack

Delegating those tasks to a managed cloud services provider gives you the expertise you need without the need to recruit hard-to-find new talent.

08 Keep up with changing protocols

A managed cloud services provider gives you transparency into the conditions of a single digital market so you can transition to new standards and protocols as they emerge.

09 Be API-ready

Cloud-based EDI platforms give you an API-ready infrastructure, allowing you to integrate EDI on top of REST APIs. In addition, managed cloud services give you the expertise you need to leverage APIs for future-focused use cases.

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