U.S. auto parts distributor avoids supply chain crunch

Through its large network of warehouses, this auto parts distributor serves dealers across the USA with same-day or next-day delivery for key vehicle components. A spokesperson for the company elaborates: “Our clients all have different product needs based on the specific regions they operate in. To fulfill every order without creating the risk of stockouts in our warehouses, we must forecast demand accurately and ensure we build in an appropriate buffer against product shortages. We aim to maintain an industry-leading fill rate — allowing us to deliver on time and build trusted relationships with our clients.”

Avoiding supply-chain risks during COVID-19 

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, almost every sector in the USA began to feel the impact. To mitigate the risk of a supply chain crunch in its warehouses, the distributor knew that a resilient and responsive approach to trading partner integration would be more important than ever.

“We work with hundreds of trading partners, and our business volumes with those partners are substantial,” explains the spokesperson. “Despite our large volumes, we rely on a lean team to manage B2B integration for the entire enterprise. To keep our business running smoothly — especially given supply-chain pressures caused by the pandemic — reliable B2B integration processes are essential.”

For more than a decade, the company has trusted Axway solutions to help it communicate and collaborate seamlessly with clients and suppliers. Using B2Bi, the distributor enables a highly automated approach to electronic data interchange (EDI), helping it to identify potential issues rapidly while reducing the need for repetitive management tasks.

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