La Poste gives Axway Financial Accounting Hub the stamp of approval

May 25, 2022

Integration of accounting functions and information systems

As a provider, integrator, and distributor of services, The French Post Office (La Poste) is the most diversified of all European postal operators owing to its strong position in each of its business lines. In 2021, La Poste generated revenues of €34.6 billion. Today, 41 percent of La Poste’s revenue is also generated through its international business.

La Poste relies on a staff of about 245,000. It possesses a network of more than 17,000 points of contact and delivered more than 18 billions items in 2021. La Poste continues to innovate with the objective of becoming a paragon of social and environmental responsibility.

Bringing functional business process requirements to the forefront

La Poste handles huge volumes of data. Processing speed is essential as
it influences the management of deadlines which are becoming ever more
restrictive. The intent is to deliver timely accounting information and effective
financial steering.

La Poste requires a robust technical solution that fits into its information system
architecture, but also a business-oriented solution. This is because functional
teams need to be responsible for defining and managing their own business
accounting rules while establishing a new way of interacting with IT.

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