5 ways APIs help in uncertain times

To adapt to change, your company needs to quickly scale up or down, find and onboard new partners, automate processes, and enable self-service to help your business pivot. An agile, API-driven platform makes this possible. Here are five ways APIs can be the key to business continuity in precarious times: 

1. Think API-first when building new capabilities

An API-first approach helps you future-proof your business so it can adapt as needed. You can structure your company as a chain of flexible components, giving you reconfigurable connections of API-centric services that help you keep business moving. 

2. Know what digital assets you already have

Without sufficient visibility or access to prebuilt integrations, you’ll struggle with the complexity and volume of integrations and a lack of expertise to handle them. A central place for discovery for all your APIs and integration patterns gives you visible control of all layers of technologies, letting you activate them as needed.

3. Activate all your assets — from ground to cloud

For your business to pivot, you must tap into all your assets with a technology platform that supports each. By deploying an API management platform in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid of both, you can create a common, reusable API layer that can traverse cloud to ground.

4. Build in an ability to scale up

With traditional, monolithic applications, you must update the whole thing, not just part. With microservices powered by APIs, you can break down monoliths into modular services that are independent and scalable, giving you the agility to accelerate time-to-market.

5. Make security a design feature, not an afterthought

Connections that go beyond on-premises to the cloud must be secured. But with no logical perimeter, an old-fashioned firewall won’t get it done. By building centralized security at the infrastructure level using an API gateway, you can control access and protect data between systems, apps, and people.

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