Axway Amplify Integration hybrid integration solution

Connect and easily integrate applications and data

Axway Amplify Integration is a hybrid integration solution that simplifies the integration of applications, data, events, and resources with a low-code/no-code approach.

Rapidly design and deploy business processes that extend the capabilities of applications and systems, including:

  • Managed File Transfer - Amplify Integration delivers the ability to extend MFT deployments, build new data flows, and automate previously manual processes to improve efficiency, move processes into production faster, and reduce the burden on IT and business resources. Simplify complex customizations required to provide back-end integration in MFT gateways, reducing maintenance overhead and implementation complexity with easier upgrades.

  • API Management - Amplify Integration offers a more straightforward way to handle flow orchestration and integration, especially when dealing with complex policy definitions in the gateway. Compose APIs out of any existing or new systems with visual orchestration. Build higher-level orchestrations that can be exposed as APIs. Implement a modern architecture using event-based APIs for real-time processing.

  • B2B - Amplify Integration enables integration with Kafka and other SaaS applications. Implement storage connectors and Async connectivity (Kafka, JMS, SNS, SQS, etc.) to simplify and automate integration processes. Modernize traditional EDI flow integration with mobile apps, chatbots, cloud ERP, CRM, and other modern digital applications.

  • Axway Financial Accounting Hub - Amplify Integration makes it easy to connect data, systems, and applications and create a composable Finance IT environment for improved agility, automation, quality of data, and ability to leverage data. Increase performance and business reactivity by moving from batch accounting to real-time accounting using new patterns such as API, web service, or data streaming (Kafka) rather than file transfer.

    Download the Solution Brief for more details.
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Amplify Integration: simplify and automate processes with hybrid integration 
Amplify Integration: simplify and automate processes with hybrid integration 

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