This API marketplace is the only API developer portal you need

May 24, 2023

Bring all your APIs into a single, unified API developer portal experience that cuts costs, time-to-value, and security risk

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace consolidates all your APIs across platforms, gateways, and repositories into a single API developer portal. It uses lightweight agents to automatically discover, capture, and validate APIs so that each one is carefully governed and monitored for usage and performance – promoting quick, easy adoption of the right API from internal and external developers.

With Enterprise Marketplace, your APIs are treated like the valuable business products they are – increasing the relevance and value of each API asset to your enterprise. APIs are not merely connectors lost in one-off implementations. They're categorized, grouped, and packaged, giving developers greater granularity and context in choosing an API that will quickly and more precisely meet the business goals attached to the development effort.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace advantages

Whether you're an app or API developer, IT team leader, or a C-level leader with close responsibility across individual IT silos, Enterprise Marketplace offers a proven path to unlocking the value of your APIs like no other development portal.

Curate APIs on a universal API management platform

Categorize and curate your APIs for easy discovery and adoption for a specific audience, from a registry of all your automatically discovered APIs. Supports multiple portals based on target audiences all from one master registry.

Discovery, governance, and business capabilities

  • Automated, agent-based discovery, validation of all existing API assets across your current vendor and deployment gateways, platforms and repositories
  • A single API registry, that support many views, with one point of governance for all API services without impacting existing development centers
  • Package business capabilities by curating API products and not just API technical interfaces to drive adoption

Cost savings, less security risk, faster time-to-market

  • Save the high cost of building and maintaining multiple development portals (by development center, API pattern, or developer audience)
  • Reduce the risk of unmanaged (lost) APIs and the negative impact on your brand due to security breaches
  • Decrease time-to-market for new digital initiatives by streamlining the discovery and adoption process for API building blocks

Everyone benefits

  • Organizations with multiple dev portals, API gateways, clouds, API developer teams, and app development teams
  • API and app developers, IT team leaders, and CIO, CTO, CISO, and enterprise architects
  • Anyone looking to consolidate to cut costs and improve API management and governance
  • Companies that have embraced APIs to achieve digital business but worry about their security and adoption
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