Amplify Enterprise Marketplace. An API portal built for battle.

June 13, 2023

Why Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is built for the front lines of API and app development

Whether it's delivering the highest value from every API, or opening possible new revenue streams, Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is great for business. But how does this breakthrough API portal benefit API product managers, IT architects, and coding heroes on the front lines of API and application development?

Engage API and app developers

Build APIs with the freedom to use the development tools that work best for you and that make you most productive regardless of API deployment, gateway vendor, platform, or repository.

Automatically find and validate the API you need using an agent-based API portal that lets you curate, group, and contextualize APIs to meet the precise purpose tied to the development effort. 

Meet all service levels with centralized management and oversight of all API building blocks across the full API lifecycle.

Avoid the demoralizing effects of API development bottlenecks, increasing app and API developer team satisfaction and delivery speed.

Equip IT architects

Save on the high cost of building and maintaining multiple development portals that need to serve various development centers, API patterns, or developer audiences.

Bring consistency to API service delivery by removing restrictions that force developer teams to use only proprietary tooling dictated by third-party vendors.

Give stakeholders complete operational visibility and monitoring of API usage and performance for intel on how to improve API processes and infrastructure.

Master the complexity of API sprawl by operationalizing all APIs and streamline the discovery and adoption process for API building blocks.

Empower API product managers

Get rid of unmanaged (lost) and unsanctioned APIs to cut security risks and avoid the costs of having to  develop APIs that may already exist.

Create fewer, more high-quality APIs using a productization process that prioritizes their security and increases their value, usage, and longevity.

Engage your teams by focusing on API and app development projects that make a difference, rather than wasting time and money on coding triage.

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