Global pharmaceutical leader drives digital transformation with Axway

February 16, 2023

Building a central API marketplace to unlock competitive insight

This leading pharmaceutical company operates around the world, with business units for human and animal pharmaceuticals as well as a B2C e-commerce channel for animal health products. To sharpen its competitive edge, the company puts data to work in all parts of the organization, from research and development to sales and marketing, using Amplify Platform and Amplify Enterprise Marketplace.

You can read the full case study below.

By leveraging APIs to accelerate access to data, the company’s objectives are to improve internal processes, boost operational agility, enable new sales channels, and unlock pharmaceutical insights. The company also plans to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of industry partners — supporting its long-term growth strategy and strengthening its status as an employer of choice for top developer talent.

However, realizing the transformation goals presented challenges. The company’s data scientists spent up to 95 percent of the workday acquiring and cleansing data, leaving little time to work on building, validating, and deploying new digital products. Across the business, just 20 percent of new data-driven initiatives were completed within six months, and the transformation effort was at risk of losing momentum.

To realize the tremendous business value of digital transformation the company recognized that curated, well designed APIs — delivered via a central platform — would be vital to make critical data available to all stakeholders and deliver new use cases at scale.

With Amplify Platform and Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, the company:

  • Democratizes API development, removing bottlenecks and accelerating digital transformation
  • Establishes consistent development practices, tightly aligning APIs with business capabilities
  • Delivers digital products via a central API marketplace, avoiding duplicated development effort
  • Lays the foundation for next-generation services through rapid, API-powered access to data

Download the full case study to learn more.

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