What an API marketplace means for business

October 17, 2022

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace is designed to help companies maximize API adoption for greater API business value. Companies can achieve high-level business goals by taking a business-led approach to API design, testing, management, and analysis that leads to greater API adoption and consumption.

Top benefits of an API marketplace

Built on Amplify, Axway’s universal API management platform, Amplify Marketplace lets you curate APIs in a contextual way that makes them more discoverable and applicable to business goals, while letting you monetize API assets by treating them as the value-rich products they are.

Potential new revenue streams

Centralized grouping and packaging of APIs through Amplify Marketplace lays the groundwork for treating APIs as products that external companies can purchase through subscription to get their services out to the market faster.

Open, multi-gateway support

Integrate multiple API gateway solutions and data planes with no new infrastructure or policies in the data path. Users get a unified experience regardless of endpoint type or location.

Curation and aggregation

Curate, aggregate, categorize, tag, and version APIs into logical groups so that capabilities published into the marketplace (developer portal) are manageable as products and not just APIs.

Total observability

Use comprehensive dashboards to view API adoption, usage, and performance insights for both API consumers and providers across all connected environments, then drill down for more detail.

Proven security

Discover unmanaged APIs, automate identification of noncompliant services, and use prebuilt security policies to protect your business.

Read the solution brief to learn more.

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