Amplify Enterprise Marketplace for API product managers

July 20, 2023

Treat APIs as products to support the digital business priorities that lead to success in today's embedded economy

You know what a stellar, API-powered UI entails on the IT side: coding, sprints, testing, repeat. That's great if all you care about is building a proper technical interface. But the product manager in you understands that you're in it to create APIs that deliver business capability.

Here's how you can expose your APIs as business enablers using a new kind of API marketplace that gathers and curates the right API products in a single developer portal so you can generate real business value, not just solve a technical challenge.

1. Know the endgame of your APIs and what it looks like

To maximize the return on API management efforts, you may need a mindset correction that shifts the purpose of APIs from being a one-to-one transactional entity designed to elicit a specific response, to one that combines with other APIs, documentation, and examples to deliver a desired business capability.

2. Choose an API marketplace that's business-focused

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace gives your internal and external app developers a single place to find and use the precise API products required to embed new digital services into their product offerings. That's because your product team is able to curate your APIs in a contextual way that makes them more discoverable, adoptable and applicable to the business, while letting you monetizing your API assets by treating them as the value-rich products they are.

3. Accept nothing less than a universal API management platform

Built on a universal API management platform, Enterprise Marketplace gives app developers inside and outside your company the freedom to use the development tools that work best for them without worrying about restrictions imposed by various API gateway vendors or how APIs will be deployed.

Along with the Amplify Platform, Enterprise Marketplace offers fully automated, agent-based observability and subscription management out-of-the-box, enabling:

Potential new revenue streams

Centralized grouping and packaging of APIs through Marketplace lays the groundwork for treating APIs as products that external companies can purchase through subscription to get their services out to the market faster.

Agent-based, multi-gateway support

Integrate multiple API gateways and data planes with no new infrastructure or policies in the data path. Users get a unified experience regardless of endpoint type and location.

Curation and aggregation

Curate, aggregate, categorize, tag, document, and version APIs into logical groups so that capabilities published into the marketplace (dev portal) are manageable as products and not just APIs.

Total observability

Use dashboards to view API adoption, usage, and performance insights for both API consumers and providers across all connected environments, then drill down for more detail.

Proven Security

Leverage discovery of unmanaged APIs, automated identification of non-compliant services, and prebuilt security policies to protect your business.

How Amplify Marketplace supports your digital business priorities

  • Faster go-live and benefit realization for key digital business projects
  • Increased API adoption – maximizing the business value of each API
  • API alignment of IT and business goals – eliminating delays, frustrations, high costs, and ultimately project failure

How Amplify Marketplace supports your IT priorities

  • Lower TCO and duplication of APIs
  • Greater API adoption and data-driven insights from API usage, SLA, and performance
  • Full compliance and API data tracking for accurate auditing
  • Increase API security and quality and reduce risk of data breaches and missed SLAs
  • Balance developer autonomy and centralized management while supporting agility

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace and Amplify are an API product manager's dream API portal and universal API management platform. Learn more about how these breakthrough technologies combine to increase the business value of your APIs and drive revenue by enhancing API adoption and moving your next digital business initiative to the market faster.

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