[REPORT] See what nearly 1,000 IT leaders, architects, and developers are saying about digital transformation

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2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey results

Are you on the right path to digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey. Whatever the digital landscape, the terrain is always shifting and opening new passages to the next great opportunity on the horizon. Navigating the future starts with knowing your current bearing on the road to digital transformation and where you stand in relation to others.

The 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey results can help you find out if you're on the right path to digital transformation. We asked nearly 1,000 IT leaders, architects, and developers about their top concerns – and how they’re addressing them — as they eye their digital future. Are they able to unlock the full value of their data securely to Open Everything — new experiences, services, and markets?

Read the report below to see the full survey results.

This report provides some answers – from achieving goals for cloud migration, to security and budgeting priorities. Data reflects responses from those engaged primarily in API development (893) and managed file transfer services (102) and are presented separately.

5 key findings from the 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey 

No. 1: APIs are the way forward 

For companies in most industries, an API-first approach – to either API development and adoption or API-enabled managed file transfer (MFT) — is a critical component and enabler in their digital transformation journey. 

No. 2: Security remains a top priority 

Whether it’s forming strategies to secure APIs, protecting personal data in banking and medical  circles, trusting data security in the “Metaverse,” or concerns about moving to the cloud, data security ranks high among respondents engaged in API development and MFT connectivity. 

Without APIs, companies can’t compete. 

No. 3: Without APIs, companies can’t compete

APIs must be readily accessible and discoverable by app developers with a significant portion of  respondents claiming they have an internal API strategy in place or they’re publishing internal APIs and a few low-risk external APIs. 

No. 4: COVID disrupted everything

COVID impacted not only supply chains but also tech adoption. The need to establish new connections was the most significant way COVID disrupted enterprise supply chains. 
No. 5: There’s a looming shortage of expertise

A large majority of respondents are bracing for an expertise gap in the coming years as a potential shortage of software, and IT infrastructure talent impacts innovation, security, and API adoption.

Read the report to see all 2022 Open Everything Survey results.

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