Multi-cloud Madness: Harmonizing your strategy, investments, and chaos to capitalize on the benefit of multi-cloud

August 7, 2023 Ruby Raley

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:
- How multi-cloud complexities are creating versus solving problems
- The different reasons that cause leadership to doubt the multi-cloud
- The value of using standardization tools to gain and maintain buy-in
- How to handle risk and maximize the ROI of your multi-cloud investment

Here’s a 1:10-minute preview:

“A few years ago, when we were talking to customers, they were always just choosing one cloud. But now when we go to talk to a customer, they’re telling us multi-cloud. We’re seeing this everywhere.”
- Ruby Raley, Axway’s VP of sales & channel, healthcare SME

About the multi-cloud landscape

The use of multiple clouds has opened up many opportunities for businesses. But you can’t talk about multi-cloud without talking about its complexities.

Using different clouds can be maddening for enterprises. Operations teams have to manage complex environments. Expertise is needed to ensure that you get the most out of your cloud deployment. The number of integrations and dependencies is nearly endless, especially as multi-cloud use grows.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to pivot your team’s thinking around the multi-cloud

The key to controlling the multi-cloud madness is having the right game plan. Part of this plan is leveraging standardization and consolidation to make the most efficient use of the resources you have available. Another part is taking steps to reduce risk through organized security measures that let you act fast.

When enterprises can bring these puzzle pieces together, it creates a sense of harmony amid so-called multi-cloud madness. With a plan designed to win the multi-cloud game, you can reap multi-cloud benefits faster and with the full support of your team.

Learn how to capitalize on the benefits of multi-cloud.

Watch the webinar to gain the insights you need to overcome complexities.

About the Author

Ruby Raley

Ruby Raley is the VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Axway. Ruby is passionate about creating more seamless digital experiences for patients, providers, payers, and beyond. With a focus on APIs and Digital Transformation, she helps organizations innovate, break down data silos, and secure sensitive information. At Axway, Ruby helps launch products, improve processes, and position solutions. She promotes Axway's digital integration products and mission to 'open everything,' collaboratively creating value for customers and building long-term relationships with partners. Ruby has been a Consultant and Advisory Board Member, currently serving with Stragistics Technology to provide sales and marketing advisory services. Prior advisory and consultancy roles included regulatory and market research, content development, sales assistance, and solutions development for healthcare startups.

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