API Talks: How to measure if your API-led initiatives are moving the needle in your business

September 12, 2023 Brian Otten

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:
- Why API product intelligence is so important to an API strategy
- The four dimensions of API product intelligence and how to apply them
- Strategies for packaging APIs as digital products to increase API value
- KPIs that help you measure the business outcomes of your API strategy

Here's a 1-minute preview:

“If you’re delivering APIs and you’re looking at this as just kind of a technical integration exercise, it’s going to be very difficult to measure whether that’s actually impacting the business.”
— Brian Otten, Senior Catalyst at Axway

Realizing the business outcomes of your API strategy

Whether you’re starting out with your API strategy or already working with APIs, you’re thinking about the impact API development will have on your business. But how do you measure API value? The answer: Pair API product intelligence with API product management

When APIs are treated as digital products, it’s easier to measure API value. An instant feedback loop created with digital product subscriptions provides visibility into interaction metrics. How many transactions are there per API per day? Are APIs being reused in multiple products/applications? What is the direct revenue traffic from APIs? An API strategy that accounts for the full API product lifecycle can answer these and other key questions.


By treating APIs as products and assessing their delivery, performance, adoption, and value, you can have a much better understanding of how an API strategy is impacting your business. In bringing API value to light, it can help protect your API investments and build a case for future investments.

Gain practical insights into how to assess the impact of your API strategy.

Watch the webinar to understand the value of API product intelligence.

About the Author

Brian Otten

Brian Otten is a Digital Transformation Catalyst at Axway. An experienced leader and technologist with 25+ years experience and innovative strategist for API, Services and Microservices to support digital transformation, IT modernization, and continued growth for large enterprises. Brian helps make businesses consumable by guiding them with the power of transformation with APIs.

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