How to collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace

February 13, 2019
Learn how Syncplicity can help you increase your mobile productivity with our Content Collaboration Platform Solution. In today’s tech-centric world, people have outgrown old-school methods of the past and expect everything on-demand & 24/7 access no matter where they are. So why shouldn’t they have the same convenience and ease of use in their work lives as well? One of the biggest challenges IT leaders face is the security risks of employees using tools and services outside of IT control. With the Axway AMPLIFY Content Collaboration solution, Syncplicity, employees get the flexibility to access and share files remotely and IT gets the reassurance of a secure file sharing solution. Did you know that, based on a global survey of 500 IT decision makers, 80% of companies aren’t happy with their file sharing solution? Syncplicity outshines every other file sharing and content collaboration solution. Want to know how? We have 8 reasons why we’re the right solution for you. The content collaboration platform (CCP) market, also known as the enterprise file sync & share (EFSS), is rapidly evolving and choosing the right solution that works for you and your company can be a challenging endeavor. It’s more than finding a file sharing solution, it’s an idea-sharing solution that allows you and your team collaborate wherever they are. If you want to give your users the tools they need to be productive on any device, try AMPLIFY Content Collaboration. You’ll be helping your team speed transformation, lower costs while ensuring security and compliance. Syncplicity is also available on the web, ios, and Android devices Want to try before you buy? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and see why Syncplicity outshines other CCP solutions. #filesharing #platform #collaboration

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AMPLIFY Platform Demo | Creating an Instance of the Syncplicity Connector in Integration Builder
AMPLIFY Platform Demo | Creating an Instance of the Syncplicity Connector in Integration Builder